Aachen 72° C App

This is an Augmented Reality based tour guide through the German city of Aachen. Dicover its rich history that is closely connected to its hot, thermal springs. Meet romans - the first settlers in this area and important historic figures that where spa guests of Aachen during hayday in the 19th century.
The hologram of a roman appears and fuses with the real environment.
A heatmap shows the hot water hidden in the ground.

The 3D character “Granni” appears at certain locations and tells tourists about historic events.

A map gives an overview of current position and way of the tour.

Foto galeries of historic pictures and animated movies offer a fun way to learn more about the city of Aachen.

At certain stops the user can watch a video.

The app is interaktiv and uses Augmented Reality to deliver knowledge in a fun way.

The amount of water in the glass showes your progress.

The App has five language options and meets very high standarts regarding accessibility.

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