Hololense Tutorial App for SESP

This HoloLens application offers an interactive tutorial on how to join SESP heat shrinking cables.

The main menu is divided into two parts. The left side shows the different steps of the Augmented Reality training scenario. If the user clicks on one of these steps the according 3D-animation starts to show the process. In detail you can see where to place cuts and what you have to consider while doing so. In addition an audio commentary gives instructions.

The right side is divided into “Documents”, “Videos” and “Voice commands”. In “Documents” you can open and read PDF-files. “Videos” opens another window with video content. These additional videos make the maintenance process easier.

The “Voice Command” tab shows which voice commands are possible to use at the moment.  The app allows you to access many informations in different medias while you still have both hands free to do your work. In this way even workers who are still in training can solve complex tasks professionally. I created a this usability concept to show the user as much content as possible in the restrained field of view of the Hololens without getting confusing.

In a later iteration a practice mode was added. With a multiple choice quiz the uses can test their knowledge.