HoloLense Tutorial App for SESP

SESP - Saudi Electric Services Polytechnic - was looking for an innovative way to train its employees.

Applied skills:
  • Holistic planning
  • Device-specific design know-how for the HoloLens
  • UX Design (Wireframing in Adobe XD)
  • UI Design (Assets generated in Adobe Illustrator)
  • Interface competence for the integration into Unity

This HoloLens application provides an interactive tutorial on how to connect SESP heat shrink cables.

The main menu is divided into two parts. The left side shows the different steps of the augmented reality training scenario. When the user clicks on one of these steps, the corresponding 3D animation begins to show the process. It shows in detail where cuts have to be placed and what needs to be considered. In addition, an audio commentary gives instructions.

The right side is divided into "Documents", "Videos" and "Voice Commands". Under "Documents" you can open and read PDF files. "Videos" opens another window with video content. These additional videos make the maintenance process easier.

The “Voice command” tab shows which voice commands are currently possible. With the app you can access a lot of information in different media and still have both hands free for your work. In this way, even employees who are still in training can solve complex tasks professionally. I created this usability concept in order to show the user as much content as possible in the limited field of view of the HoloLens without confusing them.

In a later iteration, a practice mode was added. Users can test their knowledge with a multiple choice quiz.