January 2021


Evergreen wreath
The new year is already almost a month old. Because of the pandemic many thinks changed. And many thinks will change. I hope that we question the status quo – nuisance we learned to accept as normal – and find better ways. I hope we are moving towards a more sustainable and more just future. So the hardship we are going through right now are mere labor pains that give birth to a brighter future for everyone. Stay save!

Right after Christmas I had a commission to adapt the design for FFP2 masks to a new format. With jobs like these, it is important to work precisely despite the high time pressure. Read more about this project.

The year 2020 demanded a lot from us all. Mindfulness is a good way to get in balance and to stay in balance. It is proven to reduce stress and to increase well-being. Together with Susanne Spahn – a certified teacher for the Alexander Technique – I worked on an Instagram campaign.
Read more about this project

As a designer-artist hybrid, I am constantly working on maintaining and expanding my skills. I did quite many illustrations without comission to explore new rendering techniques. I show them patreon.com/andreashirsch. It would be great if you became a supporter.

Great things are happening in my life right now! A exciting long term cooperation with a design ageny in my neighbourhood and a charity organisation. And a exciting book project. I hope soon I can tell you more about this!