Product Presentation via Augmented Reality for Evonik

The chemical company Evonik wants to present its automotive innovations in an adequately innovative way at trade fairs. Together with Evonik, I designed the user experience and the interface of an iPad app.

Applied Skills:
  • Holistic planning
  • UX Design (Wireframing in Adobe XD)
  • UI Design (Assets generated with Adobe Illustrator) 
  • Interface competence for the integration into Unity

Trade fair visitors can scan one of four markers to find out more about a specific topic.

When the user scans the “we manage light” mark, the 3D model of a car appears and the front and rear lights pop out. By clicking on the components, information about the plastics used and their light-conducting properties appear.

By scanning “we save weight”, the fuel and cooling lines of the car become visible. The visitor learns more about the complex structure and how it contributes to weight reduction.

If the visitor scans the "we create surfaces" marking, plastic parts on the car are highlighted. By clicking on one of them, the user can explore the various material properties.

At “we boost efficiency”, visitors can find out more about fuel additives. Two cylinders filled with fuel appear. The one on the left is without additives, the one on the right is a fuel with the additive "Viscoplex". With a slider on the right, the user can regulate the temperature. When the temperature is low, the fuel crystallizes in the left cylinder - in the right it remains liquid. The viscosity of the fuel in the left cylinder changes depending on the temperature. On the right - the fuel with the additive - retains the same viscosity.

Through these interactions, the visitors were able to playfully interact with Evonik's content and understand it better. The length of time spent at the Evonik booth tripled on average.