The Sommer Soirée 2020 hosted by Susanne Spahn and Andreas Hirsch was an exclusice, invitation only event at the Mohr-Villa in Munich.

An expression of bliss and carelessness between two pandemic winters. Flowers and hypnotic dreams. A playful walk in the garden.

From the invitation card:

We invite you to experience a great evening with us!
On 09/10/2021 Start is at 19:00in the Mohr villa Situlistrasse 75, 80939 Munich

This stately property is located near the U6 train station Freimann. The event takes place in the vaulted hall.
Susanne will work on her art of singing. In the middle of the musical program, Andrea's crypto art projections will be shown. Sparkling wine and appetizers will be served.
Due to the hygiene requirements, we ask you to log in before the event with the QR code printed below and to wear a mask. The mask may be removed when seated. The event is scheduled to end around 9:00 p.m.

We look forward to you!

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For sure!

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