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Social Media Campaign
“Mindfulness for Every Day”

The year 2020 demanded a lot from us all. Mindfulness is a good way to get in balance and to stay in balance. It is proven to reduce stress and to increase well-being. Together with Susanne Spahn – a certified teacher for the Alexander Technique – I worked on an Instagram campaign.

Starting at Christmas we posted one mindfulness impulse every day. They are instructions for simple mindfulness exercises. We produced professional photos to show specific situations. I created illustrations to set a calm mood. The used fonts and colors mark the posts unmistakenly as hers since they playfully reflect the corporate identity I created for her. The posts appear cheerful and relaxing.

The campaign recieved great feedback! Susanne Spahn gained new followers. Some happily commented that the exercises really helped them. The posts were created to showed her as professional and helpful during troubled times. We are certain that will lead to new clients when she is allowed to open her Alexander Technique studio again.

We have summarized all impulses in one PDF. This can be downloaded for free on her website.

Susanne Spahn’s website:
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